Prajakta Koli & Rohit Saraf Reveal Why They Chose Netflix’s ‘Mismatched’

Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf talked about why they chose Netflix’s original web series, ‘Mismatched’. Read on to know what the two actors said.

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Prajakta Koli’s Netflix web series Mismatched has created a buzz among her fans ever since the trailer of the show released. In the show, Prajakta has been paired up with Rohit Saraf who has time and again impressed fans with his acting skills. The two play roles of teenagers in the show who are completely opposite to each other.

Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf reveal why they chose Mismatched

In an interview with Firstpost, lead actors Rohit Saraf and Prajakta Koli were asked what about the show drew them in to sign up for it. Prajakta revealed to the portal that she wanted her debut show to be special and therefore was very careful about making the right choice. The actor told the media portal that she had not considered a few other shows in the past because she was not completely sure if she had wanted them to be her first show.

However, when this show came to her, Prajakta told the portal, she wanted to be associated with it right away. Prajakta further told the media portal that in her opinion, Mismatched is a show which she would have wanted to watch as an audience. She clarified to the portal that even though she likes the content that is available online, she always felt that a “cute love story” was missing.

Other things that the actor really liked about the show were the characters and the amazing cast. Prajakta revealed to the portal that considering all the factors, everything added up really well for her. Therefore, she went for the show which would be always known as her first show. Prajakta’s character in the show is that of a seventeen-year-old girl called Dimple.

On the other hand, Rohit Saraf revealed that the biggest selling point for him about the show was the “romance” it has. The actor told the portal that he loved the innocence of the romance that his character in the show had. He further described to the portal that other than romance, it was the relatability of the show.

Rohit Saraf told the portal that the underlining of everything that the show talks about was something more that drew him in. The actor reportedly said that the love, ambition, navigating through the college years of one’s life and a kind of acceptance toward all that I going on in life was something he found very relatable. Therefore, he went to the show.

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