Birthday Tipu Sultan: Why Tipu Sultan is called the country’s first missile man

Tipu Sultan King Tipu Sultan of Mysore has been in the discussion on the national table for many reasons for the last few years. Today is his birthday. Tipu made many such inventions in his time, which made his army powerful. He is also credited with the use of light-weight rockets for the first time in the army.

There are two different views about the image of Tipu Sultan, the ruler of 16th-century Mysore in India. One considers him a brave warrior and a great ruler, and the other looks at them communally. But no one has any doubt about his image. That is the image of Missile Man. It is also said that for the first time in any army of the country, they used landmine rockets. Which was quite a hit.

Tipu Sultan made an experiment in his rule, which gives him a strong place in history. Tipu Sultan used small rockets during the war. This was the first experiment of its kind in the world, so he is also called the world’s first missile man.

the era of state expansion in the south, Tipu Sultan and his father used rocket technology fiercely in the war. Rockets were not very effective in damaging the enemy’s army, but they definitely created panic.

The rockets of Tipu Sultan’s army were deadly and dangerous in those days. They were able to hit for a distance of 02 km.

In those times, Tipu’s army used the rockets used. They were small and amazingly deadly. An iron tube was used to launch these rockets.

These rockets used to be able to hit 2 kilometers. According to historians, the use of these rockets in the Battle of Pollilor changed the whole game. Tipu’s army benefited greatly from this.

The British were surprised
He was surprised when he used rockets in the battle of Pillilor against the British. The technology of this rocket was used against Emperor Napoleon. According to historians, this experiment could not give them much benefit. Because they could not distinguish the fortifications.

The British took these rockets with him.
Former President of India and the father of missile program APJ Abdul Kalam wrote in his book ‘Wings of Fire’ that I saw some rockets of Tipu Sultan in London’s Science Museum. These were among the rockets that the British had taken with them.

They were only slightly longer than the Diwali rocket. Tipu’s rockets can be called revolutionary in the sense that they laid the foundation for rocket making in future.

When Tipu Sultan’s army used land rockets in the war against the British, they were surprised. The British army suffered a lot from this. They could not even imagine that an Indian king’s army would have this technology.

Abdul Kalam, painting of Tipu’s rocket in NASA’s center, further wrote in the book that Tipu’s rocket painting of Army of Army was seen in a NASA center. Kalam writes, “I felt that at the other end of the earth, the vision of the first rocket used in the war and the sultan who used them was being celebrated. Whereas in our country people either do not know or pay attention to it. Don’t give. “

Tipu Sultan was born on 20 November 1750 in Devanahalli (Yusufabad), Karnataka. His full name was Sultan Fateh Ali Khan Shahab. His father’s name was Hyder Ali and mother’s name was Faqrunnisa. On May 4, 1799, at the age of 48, Tipu became a martyr while fighting the British till his last breath in Srirangapatna, Karnataka.

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