Bhuvan Bam’s ‘two cents’ on Netflix’s upcoming Stream Fest

In a new video uploaded to Netflix’s YouTube channel, BB Ki Vines has a conversation with his conscience…

Netflix’s Stream Fest has content creators all riled up and Bhuvan Bam is the most recent one to join the conversation. In a short video uploaded to Netflix’s YouTube channel, he is seen having a conversation with his conscience about the downsides of the Netflix Stream Fest.

During Netflix’s Stream Fest, Indian netizens have the opportunity to access Netflix’s library of content for free on 5th and 6th December. He asks users to stay away from the Stream Fest in the interest of independent content creators who rely on content creation for a living.

He also references a video from a few days ago that starred Instagrammers and YouTubers berating the Stream Fest and mentions that he is also unhappy with Netflix’s move.

Bam talks about how as a paying subscriber, he feels cheated. If he’d known about the fest, he would’ve cancelled his paid subscription to the platform to binge watch the content for free on the weekend, saving on the subscription fee he paid. He jokingly asks if Netflix respects its paying subscribers at all.

His conscience however, knows that asking for respect is a stretch, considering Bam is the kind of character who steals even soap and tea packets at hotels.

Bam as an influencer has collaborated with multiple brands. During the course of the video, he cites the lack of ads as a reason not to watch Netflix – asking where else would he get his recommendations on acne fighting creams and the best soap?

In the video, Bam also references Netflix’s ad campaign with celebrities Anil Kapoor, Yami Gautam and Nawazuddin Siddiqui and mentions that it was a marketing ploy to attract users to the platform.

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